Can Your Employees Keep a Secret?

Employment agreements can be used to educate employees on their obligations, clarify gray areas under the law, and expand the employer’s rights. These agreements often contain language relating to two important intellectual property related issues – the handling of confidential information and the assignment of ownership rights. Often this language is viewed simply as “legalese” without

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Trademark Basics

Trademarks and Service Marks have their own special language.  Here are some terms that will help with understanding just what we’re talking about. Trademarks and Service marks are words, pictures, colors, sounds, and smells that uniquely identify your goods and services in the marketplace. Trademarks are applied to goods. Service marks are applied to services.

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Trademark Use

Trademarks and service marks are the words and symbols that identify your company’s product and services to the public and in the marketplace. While symbolizing your goodwill, these marks also tell your customers where to find you and distinguish you from your competitors. They are valuable assets of your business. From the legal perspective, a

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