Who’s Your Tribe? >> Legal Bits for Business Podcast: Episode 26

Women spend so much of life learning to be polite, sit quietly, and respect boundaries. Sometimes, you have put yourself first and focus on self-care. Whether that’s burning a new candle, watching animals play, or mixing a new martini, the most important thing is who’s with you while you do it.

Martinis & Meopause

After a career as a dental hygienist, Kelli Jaecks decided she wanted to help women better understand their health. For the past decade, she’s done exactly that. In her new book, “Martinis and Menopause,” Kelli emphasizes the importance of creating a tribe of people to support you. Then, when health needs attention, it’s easier to focus completely on the new task, and really understand the options with healthcare.

There’s great value in showing up and working hard. Sometimes, as Kelli can attest, you simply have to trust your gut and get the job done. With the right people around, you can make sure you’re taking care of yourself.

Plus, did you know this font is copyright protected? The people at Target probably do.

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To get expert advice on meopause, or for a new martini recipe (in every chapter), check out Kelli’s website or get a copy of “Martinis and Menopause.”

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