Blow Up with Word Mines >> Legal Bits for Business Podcast: Episode 25

After a long day staring at a computer screen at work, it’s nice to break out an old-fashioned card game, pour some drinks, and have a game night with friends. Few things start the party like a new game – especially an adults-only game.

High school friends turned into business partners, Brent and Gary created Ya Boi Creative, a game development company. After an evening at a brewery, Word Mines started with a set of notecards and a desire to get a new game into a budding market. With entrepreneurial backgrounds in college, Brent and Gary decided to put a game on the market to stand alongside other card games, for the sake of “humanity.”

We’ll look at the impact of social media and guerilla marketing when trying to get a new product to “blow up” in an established market. Failing is part of the process, so Brent and Gary focused on failing forward and grabbing a steaming bowl of pho along the way.

Plus, does a license mean you have to follow some rules? The State Patrol certainly believes you do.

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If you’re ready for an adults-only game (seriously) to start your next party, check out Brent and Gary at their website.

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