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Do you get your legal advice from your cousin…the plumber?

The point is, do you get counsel from someone trained in the field, or will any answer do?  The trickiest thing about random legal advice is that you don’t know what you don’t know. An auto body shop faces different challenges than a website developer.  A website developer working with large companies has different issues than one that works with start-ups.  What if you had a trained and trusted counselor you could call before things get out of control?  If managing the legal affairs of a business was as simple as filling out an on-line form, or copying someone else’s contract, there would be no reason for companies to employ lawyers.  Is it possible the lawyers know something you don’t?

Do you avoid getting personalized legal counsel because you’re afraid of the cost?

Finch Law brings 30 years of business and legal experience to your specific business to help prevent your business problems from becoming your legal problems.  We work on your issues, not someone else’s.  We offer flat fees and service packages so you can budget your expenses every month.

Don’t think you’ll need us that much?

We offer hourly billing as well. Contact us now to learn more about how we can help your business grow.

Ready to act?

One of our service packages may be for you or we can charge an hourly fee, depending on your needs.

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Where Does Your Business Need Help?

Are you ready for a lawyer that can help implement your vision for your business? Someone who can help prepare your business for growth?

Finch Law has 30 years of experience working in large corporations, government and small business.  With that background comes the ability to see the big picture for your company, not just focus on one isolated task. Finch Law’s  diversity also brings your company high tech background, experience in building brands, product development, and knowledgeable insights about business operation and process improvement.